How It Works

WeBusinessOwners is a social networking and on-demand service sharing portal site of business owners, by business owners and for business owners. The membership and most of the services provided by the meeting platform are free.

Our immediate goal is to help business owners with various methods to generate cash or monthly cash flows through sharing spare office equipment, vehicles, plants and materials or renting out seldom occupied office rooms, selling, renting or swapping under-utilized and unwanted furniture, pooled car rides, … etc. under the new concept of collaborative consumption or a new sharing economy in the local business communities.

1. It helps members of the local city Chamber of Commerce throughout the country with a free account for communicating with their Chamber.

2. It acts as a bulletin board to assist local business owners with local community services, crime watch and local social events, etc.

3. It helps local governments disseminate information to local businesses.

4. It also helps local business owners in two way communications to convey their opinions on local business issues with their local governments.